Calvin and Gabe Poolside Fuck

Calvin Banks is only human. He’s naked, strolling around the ColbyKnox pool. Lying on his stomach, with that tantalizing backside facing the sun, is Gabe Bradshaw. Calvin gives those buns a playful smack. Not that Gabe complains. His moans get louder when the slaps turn more intense. “Want me to play with your hole,” Calvin wonders. Gabe nods yes. He loudly moans when Calvin fingers him. “It’s your ass, baby,” Gabe whispers as Calvin finger fucks him. “Open up,” Calvin instructs. “Relax. Let me in.” He wants more than his fingers exploring Gabe’s insides. So he gets behind him and forces his bare meat in the tight hole. “All the way,” he commands. Gabe holds on to the springboard as Calvin pounds away. He pulls out to finger Gabe some more. “Please give me that dick again,” Gabe whimpers. Calvin takes a taste of Gabe first. “Get it fucking wet,” Gabe moans. He gets on his hands and knees, working is ass on Calvin’s rod. He grabs Gabe’s hips and fucks to the balls. “Oh, my god,” Calvin says. “You took the entire fucking dick. “Put it in,” Gabe pleads. “I want it all.” Pay attention to his squeal when he gets it all. “Yes, Daddy,” he whispers. “Yes. Please. Thank you.” If there is one thing we know about Gabe, he’s ready to be crammed with dick. We get a perfect view from under the two studs. When Calvin pulls away he leaves the tip in. Then grinds home. “Oh, my God,” he says. “Look at those legs tremble.” Calvin tells his bottom toy to be still. “Don’t run from it,” he orders as he fills Gabe to the max. “Cream that pussy, baby,” Gabe whimpers. He returns to his stomach. “You know what I want,” Calvin notes. When he reinserts his johnson, Gabe’s eyes roll back. “Is this what you wanted,” Calvin wonders. “Yes, Daddy,” Gabe mumbles. “You’re fucking destroying my hole.” Calvin corrects the pronoun use. “Destroy your hole, Daddy,” Gabe whimpers. When Gabe gets on his back, we see his own dick is close to bursting. The intense fucking is doing the job. Calvin smacks the hole. “Slap that pussy,” Gabe begs. “Legs up,” Calvin commands. Gabe squirms when Calvin re-enters. But he takes everything. “I love it like that,” Gabe murmurs. “Fuck your hole,” he begs. “Take it.” Calvin does, alternating fucking speeds. There’s a final shot, from behind, of Calvin fucking Gabe. His cum filled balls smacking Gabe’s booty. All of this pushes the boys to the limit. Gabe pops first. His first load stream hits his face. The rest covers his chest and stomach. Calvin pulls out and pumps his cum on Gabe’s stomach. Gabe licks some of that man milk up. He also licks Calvin’s meat clean. What a way to end a perfect scene!


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