Kylan and Gabe Hardcore Fourway

This ColbyKnox webcam show begins with some serious butt sex. Kylan Kain on the couch, in red underwear, riding Colby Chambers. Bare. Next to him is hubby Mickey Knox, on his knees, getting serviced by Gabe Bradshaw. Mickey and Kylan lean into each other, ardently kissing. Gabe gets off his knees to sit on Mickey’s raw meat. Kylan gets off Colby. “He says it was time to add lube,” Colby says to the audience. As Kylan is off camera, lubing up, Gabe rides Mickey. He faces the camera as his perky cheeks are parted. Kylan returns, mirroring Gabe’s position. “I’m loving the symmetry of our show, tonight,” Colby jokes. Gabe and Kylan ride those ColbyKnox dicks. Colby and Mickey lean in and kiss. Gabe and Kylan follow suit. The husbands decide to change partners. Gabe gets on his hands and knees; Colby mounts him. Kylan rides Mickey. Colby whispers filth to Gabe, fucking to the balls. “Fuck my pussy” Gabe begs. Mickey decides to give Kylan’s cock some oral love. Colby forces Gabe to take on Kylan’s rod too. Next we see just Colby and Gabe on the couch. Colby remains deep inside Gabe. This time, however, Gabe is impaled on Colby’s cock, with Colby’s hands gripping Gabe’s ass. Kylan returns to the couch. “Do you want to take him,” Colby wonders. Kylan smiles, stroking his impressive slab of beef. Gabe is transferred to Kylan. Colby stands up, feeding Kylan some dick. “You guys both want to bend over for me,” Colby asks. Their smiles answer the question, pointing their pink rosebuds in the camera’s direction. “You guys ready to see what a lucky boy I am,” Colby says to the audience. Kylan is fucked first. Then Gabe. “Plow that fucking hole,” he demands. Colby returns to Kylan. When Mickey comes back to the couch, Colby is plowing Gabe. “Hey,” Colby says to his husband. “These are both mine.” Can you blame him for being greedy? 🙂


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