Sexual Healing

Poor Jesse Stone. Looks like he’s pulled a muscle. As this week’s ColbyKnox video begins, he’s leaning on Colby Chambers. Colby leads Jesse to the couch, instructing him to remove his shirt. “I’ll go grab some oil and will try to rub it out for you,” Colby says. Jesse gets on his stomach. As for Colby he grabs the massage oil. And lube. Always be prepared. 🙂 “Where do you feel it,” Colby wonders. “Where do you feel pain?” “All the way up here,” Jesse says, grabbing a thigh and butt cheek. “I think it’s your sciatic,” Colby explains. “I can definitely rub it out for you but the main area is going to be your glutes. You cool with me rubbing on your ass?” “Yeah. It’s cool,” Jesse replies. “Just as long as you fix me.” Colby starts to “fix” with some oil and sturdy hand work. He takes off Jesse’ shorts, getting to the root of the “problem.” 🙂 “You got some big glutes,” Colby notes. “The bigger the muscle the more painful the pop.” Colby nibbles Jesse’s ears. He then snacks on Jesse’s hole. “Feel good, Jesse,” Colby asks. “You like it?” Jesse moans approval. He spreads his cheeks so Colby’s tongue can explore deeply. It’s time for Jesse to do some work. Colby stands in front of him. He pulls down his shorts and his hefty slab of beef wobbles in Jesse’s face. He gets on his hands and knees, swallowing Colby whole. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby commands. “All the way down your throat.” Jesse gags but returns for more. After getting face fucked Jesse laps up the drool coating Colby’s cock. He walks back to Jesse’s behind, slapping those perky buns. After lubing up, Colby works his meat inside. Then he fucks. Hard and deep.


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