Tight End with Masyn Thorne

Masyn Thorne comes around the corner, tossing a football and carrying pads. Seems like the jock had a tough football practice. On top of that his teammates talked about nothing but all the tail they get. Poor Masyn is single and “hasn’t been laid in six months.” Colby plays it cool, listening to the stud’s story of woe. “What are you doing single,” Colby asks. “Look at you.” Excellent question. Masyn thinks girls are “too much drama” and hasn’t gotten any head in six months.
Colby’s eyes twinkle but he plays it cool. “Are you hard right now,” he wonders as he reaches for Masyn’s tool. He tries to back away but Colby’s hand “feels good.” Colby pulls down the horny stud’s shorts. That dick is poking out of the jockstrap. “Goddamn,” Colby wonders. “How do you practice like that?” The moment Colby’s tongue touches Masyn’s dick, he’s in heaven. “Oh fuck,” bro,” he moans as Colby makes a meal out of the hefty dong. Masyn face fucks Colby, making sure those sweaty balls hit Colby’s chin. “Suck my fucking meat, bro,” Masyn says. Colby happily obliges, choking on all that dick. He gets up and starts licking Masyn’s nipples and pits. “They taste so fucking good,” Colby says. Masyn flexes his arms as Colby laps his biceps. As the two kiss and make out, Colby grabs those plump ass cheeks. He wants some of that cake.


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