Masyn Thorne Dominates Mickey Knox

Masyn Thorne is back with Colby Knox and today he’s paired with Mickey Knox. Masyn must be looking forward to what’s going to happen because his tool is standing straight up when the video starts. Before the boys get to the fun part, Mickey interviews Masyn. He’s 20 and studied personal fitness training.
“I can tell,” Mickey says. “You’re fucking jacked.”
Masyn played football in school. He was also a gymnast, which makes him “very flexible.”
He’s been in the industry for two years. Although he does gay porn, Masyn has recently discovered he likes the ladies too.
“This past year I’ve been fucking a whole lot more women in my personal life,” the Atlanta resident explains. “So I guess it [the industry] has made me more fluid.”
This tidbit of information causes the blood to rush to Mickey’s dick. The interview ends and the two make out. Mickey pulls away and kisses Masyn’s tasty looking nipples and smooth stomach.
“May I,” Mickey asks, grabbing Masyn’s meat.
“Go ahead,” he replies. “Suck that cock.”
After a few licks, Mickey pulls up.
“It’s very thick,” he says. “Extremely happy.”
“Get my nuts too,” Masyn orders.
Mickey laps them up. He tries to swallow all of Masyn’s tool, but it’s too big. However, Masyn is pleased with the effort.
“That’s a big fucking piece of meat,” Masyn’s says to the camera (manned by Mickey’s husband, Colby Chambers).
“Can’t wait to get it inside my ass,” Mickey replies.
He goes at the dick like it’s an ice cream cone, licking the head and slurping the shaft.
“Worship that cock,” Masyn commands.

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