Couple Swap with Will and Leo

This week’s scene deserves a Snoopy happy dance! Stud Christian Bay is back in front of the camera. Such a momentous occasion doesn’t need an introduction. When the video starts, Colby Chambers is face deep in Christian’s pretty backside. “Show us that sweet ass,” cameraman Mickey Knox instructs. As his hole is getting licked, Christian leans over and puts his mouth on Leo’s dick. This is Leo’s first time in front of a ColbyKnox camera. The dude is packing because Christian can barely get all the meat in his mouth. Christian gags a few times but keeps trying to reach the base. Mickey wants to get in on the fun. He gets behind his husband, nibbling on his ear. After giving Colby’s cheek a playful slap, Mickey gets on the other side of Leo. He swallows Leo’s dick as Christian and Leo make out. Then Mickey and Leo swap spit. During all of this Colby’s tongue hasn’t left Christian’s hole. “Goddamn. Perfect,” Colby says as he slaps Christian’s ass meat. He and Mickey share Leo. Christian licking his shaft; Mickey kissing those heavy nuts. Colby pulls up and places his shiny head near Christian’s hole. “What are you doing, love,” Mickey wonders. “Oh, I’m just teasing,” Colby replies. “I’m going to take my time.” He places a kiss on Leo’s mouth. Then Colby gets on the couch so Leo can show off his talented tongue. As Leo slurps away, Mickey gets behind Christian. He eats Christian out, making the stud moan. As he teases Christian, we get a closer view of Leo going after Colby’s cock. Mickey can’t wait any longer. He has to get inside of Christian. Mickey’s raw dick parts those cheeks. “See what a dirty bitch you are,” Colby teases.


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