Kylan Fucks Mickey

We are so happy to show you all this video. Kylan Kiddo is turning into a site favorite. He has it all. Great face and personality. An ass for days . And let’s not forget his big old dick. He’s the complete package. Today Kylan is paired with Mickey Knox. Cameraman Colby Chambers does a little interview before the lads get down to business. Kylan is from Atlanta and he is 21. According to Kylan the city matches its fun times reputation. He started out in the industry with with OnlyFans. “I just like testing the waters,” Kylan says. “Kind of started it on a whim. Didn’t really expect it to go far but here I am.” Thank goodness for that, right? Mickey is amped up for this scene and when his husband gives the sign, Mickey leans in to give Kylan a kiss. The studs passionately kiss, swapping spit. Mickey keeps his hand on Kylan’s dick. They come up for air. “Stand you up so I can see that big cock,” Mickey says. When Kylan does get up, a large bulge stretches his shorts. “You guys seeing this,” Mickey says to the camera as he points to the johnson staring him in the face. Kylan laughs. “Oh, we are seeing it,” Colby replies. Mickey pulls down Kylan’s underwear and immediately takes the meat down his throat. “Like that, huh,” Kylan asks. Mickey mumbles in the affirmative. He uses his hands, working up and down the shaft. Kylan puts a hand on Mickey’s head, guiding him as far as he can go. “It’s a mouthful, huh,” Kylan jokes. They get back on the couch. Mickey gets on his stomach and Kylan sits down. “Oh, yeah. Get my dick nice and wet,” Kylan says.


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