Twink Hole Fingering For Christian

We often find ourselves describing new boys as being absolutely gorgeous, but I think we have to admit that Christian Adam most certainly deserves such a term applied to him. He’s looking so lovely in his onesie at the start of this video, but don’t worry, he’s soon slipping out of it. The cute 18 year old has a hard length of uncut cock prepared, packed tightly into his colourful little briefs, tempting us with his solid shape beneath the snug cotton. The boy slips the onesie off to reveal a super fit body. You can tell this stunning young man likes to stay in shape. His slightly broad shoulders and tight little waist indicate that he enjoys a good swim regularly while his abs reveal he likes to dance. The boy knows how to prioritise. Even though his hard teen cock is desperate for a good rubbing we get to enjoy his hairless hole first. Christian bends over on the couch and slips his briefs down to show his cheeks, parting them to fondle and brush over his winking pucker. We enjoy the tender twink hole fingering he delivers before turning around and grasping that desperate dick, and once he has it in his hands he’s not likely to let go before he’s made that penis pump his teen cream over himself. The boy’s cock is so hard, so damp and covered in veins. He’s clearly eager to climax, but he’s not going to reach that before raising his legs and enjoying another little tickling play with his asshole. His efforts pay off. By the time the boy is spurting his sperm over his shaved abdomen we’re all ready to splash out own milky mess out in tribute.


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