Bruno Works His Jock Cock

To call 21 year old Bruno Porta good-looking would be an understatement. We think he has the face of a male model, and the body to match. He’s an extremely athletic and fit young man who works in fitness so he has access to all the best equipment and it seems to show in his fine physique. All that sport and working out might also explain why he’s so open-minded and horny all the time. He admits that he likes to get off at least twice a day and we already know there’s a long list of guys out there who would gladly volunteer to help him do that. He’s soon showing off his gorgeous body and his interesting tattoos as he gets naked, playing with the thick uncut jock cock in his pants and revealing his ready member for a good long stroke. He’s eager and confident, and with reason. Looking the way he does there’s nothing to be shy about, and he shows it while he plays with his throbbing thick meat and his heavy pink balls. His gorgeous dick and generous nuts aren’t the only highlights, he has a tempting slightly hairy ass that he’s not scared to show off for us all when he bends over on the bed, his nuts swinging with his strokes and his hands tugging as his fuzzy cheeks. Every guy out there is imagining sliding in and showing him how much fun it could be, but perhaps that’s what he’s thinking about as he brings himself to his final moments, jacking his damp jock cock and splashing his thick white cum load from his glistening tip in a climactic rush of orgasmic pleasure. What will we see handsome Bruno doing next?



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