Giulio Has A Huge Teen Cock

We don’t know why but it seems to us that all the slim and tall boys have very big dicks. It’s certainly true of Giulio Cambino. This 18 year old is smooth and sexy, confidently showing off his super lean body for us all before revealing that big bulging package in his tight little briefs. You can tell he’s got a huge teen cock before he gets it out, but it’s still super impressive when he does. He’s so confident with that big uncut meat too, wanking his long shaft and smiling for the camera, showing off his slightly hairy ass and giving his cheeks some slaps, driving a finger into his tight little pucker so teasingly. He knows what we want to see and he’s not shy in the slightest, rubbing his huge teen cock until his big fountain of hot cum is spewing like a geyser to splash over his abs. With a deep breath and a smile for the camera we leave him enjoying the aftermath of his stroking, but we can’t wait to see him again.



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