Straight Hottie Finn gets Tied up & Dildoed

Straight lads Finn Loftus and PT return this week kinkier than ever! PT shows off his dominance as he ties Finn up with rope, spreads his legs and dildos Finn’s ass hole like a pro! PT warms Finn up with the small dildo and soon has the bigger one pounding his ass as he spanks him. All Finn’s moaning suggests he loves being dominated! The boys then wank side-by-side and flirt with one another as they cosey up and play with each other’s nipples. Finn hits climax first, and his uncut cock explodes with cum everywhere, covering his and PT’s leg! PT then power wanks and shoots a thick, sticky load all over his hand! That was one hot and naughty shoot! Great work lads. A strap on dildo fucking next!?


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