Straight Young Footballer Blake Buckley Wanks

Young, straight, footballer Blake Buckley joins us from FitYoungMen today as he makes his first video for us. Arriving in his sporty tracksuit, Blake is very chilled about the shoot. He starts by doing a few press-ups on the bed to get himself pumped up and it doesn’t take long until his boxers are off – and wow his big uncut cock is hard straight away and pointing directly to the ceiling! Blake enjoys stroking his cock on the bed as we get some close-ups. Whilst hard, Blake repeats his press-ups but this time butt naked with everything hanging loose! Blake has some nice tan lines and a slender bum and a toned, smooth body! After lots of teasing, Blake pumps his cock a little faster until he cums, and wow does he cum! He squirts jizz everywhere and it soars past his head hitting the wall and bed frame – and even hitting his face! We film Blake in the shower to finish as he washes off his sticky mess!


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