A Kiss from Nice

Sacha Delage and Sam Bayard walk hand in hand on the Promenade des Anglais, kissing on every street corner and the warmth of the French Riviera seems to definitely arouse desire in them.

Back at the hotel, they will kiss each other passionately before they strip down and start to jerk each other off. Sacha will take care of sucking Sam’s nice stiff cock and then it’s up to Sam to eat his ass with real passion. Sacha is in heaven and shows his impatience to taste Sam’s cock.

Sam does not take long to grant Sacha’s wish and will fuck him as vigorously as sensually to make him squeal with pleasure. Sacha asks for more, Sam pounds him faster and faster until he cums on his little hole wide open. Sacha will explode in pleasure a few moments later in a powerful and abundant cumshot.


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