Crush EP4 Mish Mash

Crush is a web series following the adventures of a bunch of boys whose destinies intertwine between love, friendship, passion and betrayal against a backdrop of rock music and sex.

Sam, cheated by Sacha, seems to have no limits in his revenge plan and does not lack ideas to make his ex suffer. Enzo tries to reason with Sam, but he finds himself trapped by the secret that binds them and has no control over his friend who takes advantage of the situation.

Sacha regrets his infidelity and is depressed at not hearing from Sam. Fortunately, he can count on his new friend Valentin to support him and change his mind.

When Tom, Enzo’s cousin arrives unexpectedly, Sam’s eyes light up. He seems to have found another way to quench his thirst for revenge.

Although their relationship is still tense, Bastien and his ex Valentin seem to be getting closer and closer and Bastien will even help Valentin to find a job at “Happy Twinks”. Would Bastien still be in love with his ex?


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