Leo Gallay First Time

For his very first time in front of the cameras, the young Leo Gallay, 18, is pleased to be greeted by the handsome Bastien Leray. The twink is not shy at all and he lets himself be guided by the expert hands of Bastien.

The two boys start sensually kissing and jacking off each other, then Leo walks over to Bastien’s big cock to suck him with incredible passion.

Bastien will then take care of dilating Leo’s ass for a long time, he moans with pleasure as he feels the hands of the handsome stallion penetrate him. Once the young rookie is excited and wide open, Bastien just has to thread his cock, which is hard as wood into the welcoming hole to fuck him wildly.

Bastien ends up squirting in the mouth of Leo who, while feasting on this seed, enjoys abundantly in turn.




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