In The Backstage

Here’s a little parody of what sometimes happens behind the scenes at French Twinks Studios.

Axel Ford is lying in bed and desperately waits for Valentin Meunier to join him to start filming, but the twink remains silent to his repeated calls. Valentin is busy in his underwear fitting session and he can’t decide what to wear. Axel will finally go backstage looking for Valentin and he will solve this sartorial dilemma in a radical way!

Axel brings Valentin to his knees and holds out his cock for him to suck greedily. The young twink gets his mouth fucked and treats his partner who’s hard as wood, enjoying his oral foreplay. Axel will then start fucking Valentin on all fours before dilating his ass a little more for a deep and energetic final rodeo.

Valentin will cum while being fucked, Axel will explode with pleasure on Valentin’s face in an incredibly powerful and abundant cumshot.




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