Fun-Pack 6: Principal’s Office

To the boys’ surprise, Principal Kamp calls in new school nurse, Dr. Wolf, to consult on the boys’ behavior. They’ve been skipping class, but only with the intention of getting into Principal Kamp’s office together to see if they can get the huge man to fuck them.

Dr. Wolf diagnoses the issue as soon as he sees the bulges in the boys’ underwear. He suggests fucking the boys since they are obviously horny. Plunging his cock deep into a whimpering Marcus and denying the boy orgasm until he begs for it seems to be ample punishment, especially while the others look on.

Then Austin shows Marcus how it’s done, taking Dr. Wolf’s huge cock with practiced ease, but he is punished with post-orgasmic stimulation that leaves him crying, “I’m sorry. I’ll be good.” A lesson well learned. The boys will have to try harder.

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