Morning Wood

Dr. Wolf gently draws the covers off the sleeping naked forms of Austin and Oliver, who are spooning in his king-size bed. The boys wake up smiling from Dr. Wolf’s big hands on their asses and morning boners.

When the doctor takes out his own huge cock, their little mouths and hands are all over him. Dr. Wolf takes turns loosening their asses slowly with his giant meat before flipping on all fours so he fuck them silly until his big, heavy nuts are slapping against their taints in turns.

Dr. Wolf gives Austin a go at his buddy’s hole, and Austin coats Oliver’s entire back with a massive load of cum. Dr. Wolf takes Austin’s place jockeying Oliver’s ass and gritting his teeth, he pulls out of Oliver with a wet sucking sound and launches several ropes of hot man juice all the way up Oliver’s back to the boy’s neck!




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