Making My Boy Cum

Jonathan sat on the floor between his old man’s legs, resting his back against the towel that covered his lap. Dr. Wolf’s spread thighs opened up his loins to the heat and the steam, filling the air with his manly, mature musk. Jonathan closed his eyes and luxuriated in the aroma of his daddy’s genitals, feeling his own cock rise beneath his towel.

From his vantage point, Dr. Wolf could see the young man getting aroused. From his high height, he felt like a giant, holding his precious prize close. He couldn’t get over how lucky he felt to be sitting there, undressed and unburded, feeling the intimacy and connection he now had with his boy.

He leaned toward him, kissing him on the lips before running his hands over his smooth body. The massage and the heat made him melt against him, putting all of his weight into his care. Jonathan held nothing back from him, not even his lips. And as they pressed together, their tongues tickled one another, making the small, hot room feel even hotter.




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