Father Son Campout

Austin felt the cold air bite at his face as they finished propping up the tent. Even when they got inside, it wasn’t much less cold. The little guy slipped into his sleeping bag, rustling around to try and get warm. A few minutes went by and he still felt the chill. He looked over to his old man, similarly stripped down and wrapped in a sleeping bag. He looked so warm and still, ready to sleep after a long drive.

Letting Mr. Armstrong know he was cold, the older man offered to sleep in the bag with him. Austin nodded, sheepishly accepting his daddy’s suggestion. The bag wasn’t really made for two, so he knew they’d have to get pretty close. This wasn’t a problem, of course. They two were used to being pretty intimate.

They were poised to fall asleep, but it was now Mr. Armstrong who struggled to rest. Austin’s little body was absolutely perfect. The daddy felt his manhood begin to swell up inside his underwear with barely anywhere to it hide inside their sleeping bag. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep with this growing erection.

Running his hands over the boy’s body, he tried to warm him up, but deep down, he knew his desires were more than just paternal. He ran his hands down Austin’s torso, down to his legs, and inside his underwear. He could feel his boy’s penis in his briefs, growing harder as well as he touched his smooth balls and buttocks.

Austin began to breathe deeper and heavier. His exhales became moans as Mr. Armstrong played with his young body, arousing him and stirring up his lust. Austin was plenty warmed up now, and hungry for his daddy to love him and breed him.

The two pulled off their underwear, their shafts fully hard and pressed against one another. They slipped off the top of the sleeping bag, giving them a chance to stretch out and take advantage of their private camping space. Mr. Armstrong turned Austin on his belly, putting that smooth, precious butt on display. He couldn’t resist giving it a kiss, pressing his lips between his cheeks and giving the smooth boyhole a taste. He loved how it felt and how it made Austin tremble. Austin knew what followed, and was ready.

Mr. Armstrong got on his side, leaking precum as he turned Austin’s butt toward him. Austin did as he was taught to do. He moved his hole toward his old man and breathed steadily as the rock-hard shaft began to enter his body. It was so firm and rigid, pressing against his soft sphincter before it pushed its way inside.

Austin’s heart raced as his dad slid himself deeper inside. The old man might have been exhausted, but he had enough energy to show his little guy how much he loved him. How much he needed him. How much he turned him on.

Austin stroked himself as Mr. Armstrong picked up the pace, burying his massive member deep inside the boy, pounding harder and harder as he got close to cumming. Austin felt the heavy balls slapping against his ass, getting ready to fire-hose out a big load. Austin was ready for it, eager to feel his old man burst inside him.

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