Two Thirsty Brothers

In this episode of “Brotherhood Sessions”, we continue with the game sessions, this time 4 boys are going to have group sex in front of 7 other members of the sister. On this occasion, Cesar, Daryl, Giorgio, Nico have a spectacular quartet, led by El Maestre in front of a lot of masked men who masturbate, in total there are 5 watching and participating. It starts with two of them kneeling, kissing, and two others join in to suck their penises. But they are not satisfied with those two members, they suck ALL the boys who are there, in the round. Then, they get on all fours, in a doggy position and begin to get a dick by their tail. The boys not only kiss, the passive ones, but also take advantage of sucking cock in the middle. The moans are tremendous! The guys who watch are rotating to give them the ass, they are very insatiable, they want penis all the time. They try all positions. The adventure ends with all the penises around ending up on the two guys… Wow! Keep watching “Brotherhood Sessions”. You never know what awaits them in this society of young masked twink boys.

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