Masquerade Dance

In this episode of “Brotherhood Sessions”, we continue with the game sessions, in this mask dance, the orgy takes place between six boys, the two main ones are Bautista and Ivan. They kiss in the middle, as if subjected to the pleasure of those who watch, which are 4 boys masked with capes and hoods, they remain spectators but with their very huge and hot penises, wet from seeing those two boys in heat. Of course, they intervene and give their hard cocks to the boys, two by two they give Bautista and Ivan a double penis suck. The hot moans appear, with wet penises they pass the tip of the glans over his lips, thirsty for cock. Then they put them in four, with the tail back, and they give him cocks at both ends, by the mouth and by the tail. They rotate, hot, and the obedient boys moan with pleasure thanking those giant dicks in their butts … The orgy goes on for a long time, changing positions, wanting to be between their young, daring, mysterious bodies. Orgasms occur at different times and places, ending on the chest, abundant, like rain, another inside the partner’s mouth, another on his face… Incredible! There are a couple more surprises… Keep watching “Brotherhood Sessions”. The twink boys of the sorority are waiting for you, don’t let them down.


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