Winter is Cumming

In this new series called Ski Winter Ride, our hot Latino boys are on vacation in the snow. Not only do they enjoy skiing, they also have time to meet and have a lot of sex in the cabin. In the first episode, a very young Latino couple find themselves in the icy snow enjoying their winter vacations with a lot of fever, despite how cold it is. They kiss and decide to go to the cabin they rent to spend a moment with pure fire and sexual passion. After kissing, they take off their clothes, Antu sucks Rick’s cock, who has a penis with a lot of skin, uncut. They go straight to the hostel beds, he sucks it there until Rick sits on the nightstand and Antu is ready to sit on a huge penis. He slowly shoves it inside his body and begins to jump, giving up his tail and allowing himself to be groped. The moans sound throughout the cabin, they scream with pleasure! Then they fuck on the bed with all fours and the tail back and then Antu’s legs up … All positions until Rick finishes his anus … Antu unloads all his semen on his belly, which is a lot. They end up kissing and laughing with pleasure and complicity. Keep watching the next chapter, with a lot more hot snow.


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