Tempting Twink

Sexy smarty, Spencer Locke is hard at work on his computer; but, his beautiful boyfriend, Luca Ambrose is hella horned up! Luca is hard to resist; and, soon enough, Spencer’s super sized slab is lodged down the dude’s thirsty throat. The now horny, and hungry, Spencer is absolutely craving cock! He teases his twink bf with kisses over his underwear, then goes in, and gets right to work! He slurps down the dude’s sizable schlong, getting good, and sloppy with it. The grade A knob job sends the boys into a sensational 69, where Spence gets his dick licked, and that hot, bronze boyfriend of his gets that gorgeous ass tenderized with Locke’s tongue. Wet, warm, and ready, Luca climbs on top of his man’s torpedo, and takes a tantric, raw ride. His hard cock bounces against Spencer’s smooth, shredded torso, and our tasty top gives it a nice tug. Keeping their raunchy relationship exciting, the guys switch it up, and Locke gets got in the butt, by Ambrose’s ample appendage. After the doggy style dick down, the cock hungry couple flip once more, and Luca receives that raging rod on his back. He spreads his lean legs as far as they can go, accepting every inch of Spencer, while he jacks his giant jock. Locke’s extra large lance brings Luca to a boil, and he busts all over that tight, tan stomach. Spencer plunges his piece harder, and faster, till he’s ready to explode. And, explode he does! He paints the pretty boy with BUCKETS of boy bliss, completely covering the dude with liquid dick. Then, the too cute couple kiss, covered in cum.


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