The Taste of Twink

This scene sizzles from the start! Sexy twinks, Spencer Locke, and Sam Ledger appear on screen, looking like scrumptious snacks, and locked in a lusty lip embrace. The tonsil tickling kiss sends new boy, Sam to his knees, where he continues tasting Spencer’s beautifully smooth body, down to the protruding package in his jeans. Once he’s shed the pretty boy of his pants, he kisses the rock hard rager confined in cotton, then pulls at Locke’s drawers to get a big, thirsty gulp of cock. He pulsates up and down on that extra thick D, working the balls with his hand, then smacking himself in the face with the fat phallus. Locke is in heaven, but hungry for dick as well; and, the bulge in Sam’s pants is calling his name. After tossing the twink’s trousers to the floor, Spencer sucks the boy’s bone like a wild beast. In a surprise move, newbie porn prince Ledger takes control! He picks up Spencer by his handsome face, turns him around, then spreads his checks and dines like a king, smacking the boy’s butt for good measure. Once Locke is warm and wet, Sam stands up, then plunges his Diamond hard dick deep into the dude. He dishes dick in doggy for a nice while, before Locke offers him a ride on his big rig. It’s an offer the cutie can’t refuse, and he rides that cock raw, and hard! Taking over, Spencer sets the sexed up twink down on his back, spreads his legs wide, then continues dicking the dude down. Moaning in absolute pleasure, Ledger whimpers, “fuck the cum out of me,” right before exploding all over his shredded stomach. Locke lays into that ass good, whips out, and spits dick all over the dude, right up to his naughty boy neck! Twink heaven!


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