Just Friends | Part Two

Derek Shaw, Kai Taylor, and Aiden Garcia are chilling at the house, when Kai receives a dick pic on his phone. Aidan can sense Derek wasn’t digging Kai looking at another dude’s cock; so, he takes the hint, and heads for the hills. Kai wastes no time, immediately planting a passionate kiss on hot hunk, Shaw. The chemistry is obvious, as the guys tear at one another’s clothes. Derek pulls at his drawers, and nearly knocks Kai out with that colossal cock of his! But, our cock connoisseur is up for the challenge, and deep throats as much of that mega monster as he can get down that gorgeous gullet. The rest of the massive meat, he works with magic hands, while cradling the studs big, cum filled balls. Shaw then shoves the talented schlong sucker onto the bed, and goes IN on the dude’s dick! He smacks it against his handsome face, while Kai helps him out with a hand on the back of his head. Shaw then tosses the twink’s legs in the air, and eats ass like a hungry country boy. Next, Taylor tells the stud, he wants to “hop on that dick.” So, Shaw lays back like a boss, and gives the beautiful boy the ride of his life! After, Derek drives that D in deep, doggy style, and Kai can only moan for more. Our hot hunk then mounts Taylor’s tight tail like a lion, before ordering him to flip over, so he can break that booty while the boy is on his back. The hulking hottie ups the ante with a lusty love choke, much to Taylor’s delight. The sound of hunk hittin’ hole fills the air, and Kai’s cock creams, covering his beautiful, brown flesh with a fresh fuck load of white hot nut. Derek gets in a few more strokes on the young dude’s dick hungry hole, before he heaves his jock juice all the way up to Kai’s collar bone! As Kai licks cum off his thumb, the perfect pair kiss; then, Taylor playfully asks his top, “any complaints?” Our superstar stud says “none,” then keeps right on kissing Kai’s cum-yummy lips.

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