Bowling Lessons

Hang out with a big, beautiful bunch of Helix fan-favs, as they cut loose, and have some fun at the local bowling alley. As balls roll, and drinks flow, it’s clear, there’s some crazy hot chemistry cookin’ between Aiden Garcia, and Dante Clark! The bronze skinned, brunette beauties kiss, caress, and hold hands as they walk towards the exit; however, it’s far from “game over” for these two horned up hotties. The kisses get deeper, and more delicious once the guys get home. Clothing melts away, as two tear into one another, anxious to get at the goods. Garcia’s golden body glistens with promises of pure pleasure; and, Clark can no longer contain his craving. He unpacks the superstar’s perfect, porn sized piece, and goes hog wild, downing the dude’s thick, uncut dick like a hungry demon. With his supersized schlong wet, and well taken care of, Aiden turns his attention towards Clark’s beckoning cock. He gives the guy some grade A throat, before Dante bends Aiden over, smacks his smooth seat, and goes to town on that tight tush, with some tongue thrusting action. Once Dante has primed that perfect pucker, he plunges his piece in deep, and gets to pounding Aiden’s hot hole, HARD. Once he’s hammered the hottie out in doggie, Clark sits back with a confident, sly smile. Aiden takes the big, bulging bait, and hops right on for a ride. Dante’s donk is way too delicious; and, Garcia can’t resist giving it a good, deep dicking. He pounds the fresh faced, young porn prince till he spews pure white, gooey gold all over this gorgeously golden, smooth stomach, and chest. Aiden amps it up, pummeling the pretty boy till he paints him with his sweet, salty seed. The pair fall into one another’s sweaty, satisfied arms, kissing as they caress, absolutely covered in cum.


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