Buenos Aires Tango Boys part 3

On their walk through Buenos Aires, Antu and Lance meet and end up in the hotel room having sex. What they don’t know is that another couple on the tour is looking for them to join the party. While the two boys are naked in bed, two other boys, Italo and Gil, appear in their room. They heard the moans of the other two and … they want to fuck!

With the excuse of sharing their mate, a typical local herbal infusion drink, the boys get into bed. And the action begins! The couples exchange, Italo goes with Antu and Gil with Lance. They kiss, touch their penises and the new ones take off their clothes as the temperature rises. They stand on the beds and two others kneel to suck their cocks hard, the summer heat warms them too much. While sucking, Lance and Gil kiss and laugh at how incredible is happening to them. Then the suckers lie down and now it is their turn to be sucked. The suckers are left with their asses up, giving a beautiful view, like the one seen through the hotel window. Antu raises his legs and lets his ass be sucked and ready for action, in a rich dark kiss that expands it. The hot penetration begins, with the liabilities in bed and the assets standing at the sides. In the middle Antu and Gil kiss while being fucked in the ass.

But guys want more, and they do what every swinger couple knows: swap. Now the roles change, they lie in bed and other young Latino boys try to sit on the penises of their fellow travelers … Incredible! This is how they continue to do it, until Italo loads his load on Antu’s mouth, who receives the semen with pleasure from Italo’s huge cock. There they all begin to release their milk, the enthusiasm rises and they kiss with the semen in their mouths, amused by such an adventure. Now it does seem to be the time to drink some mate, the action ends, but it will continue in the next episode “Pleasure Tourism”, where two guys who play bawdy jokes with each other, end up unloading the sexual tension in a fabulous session of sex. Do not miss it!



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