Latin Camp Part 3

Helix Latin Camp 3 is here! Two boy scouts, Vincent and Tommy go into the forest looking for a tree to practice their knots. They find a branch, practice knots and Vincent is curious to experiment with his little friend: he ties him to the tree by hanging his hands from the branch. A very hot game, he pulls his pants down, the boy is wearing a jockstrap that leaves his beautiful round butt free. Vincent supports him with his bundle while the other is left, tied and delivered as is. Vincent’s penis is very hard, he begins to rub it between his buttocks and kisses it from behind. Then he gives him more rope, it seems that he is going to untie him, but he does not leave him kneeling so that he can suck his huge cock calmly. This is how he passes them on his face, his mouth, including his balls, they have oral sex for a long time, until Vincent goes from behind, picks him up and penetrates him very hard, things are on fire. Tommy is very dedicated. In the middle of the sounds of nature, Tommy’s moans are added, grateful to receive that huge penis. So they have a good time and Vincent takes him tied to the foot of a ladder where he continues to hit him from behind with great force, as if they were two little animals in the forest. Tommy can’t take it anymore, and he spits out all his semen with his partner’s penis inside. He then kneels down and receives Vincent’s load on his face, mouth, and face. Savor your friend’s cum as night falls at camp. And speaking of which, these incredible adventures continue in the episode, this time with a hot threesome, in “The camp of secrets.”

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