Meet Me in Buenos Aires | Part 4

Through the “Meet me” app you can meet the boy of your dreams or… have sex now! That is what Giorgio and Diego seek and find through the application. These two young Latin men, beautiful, with tattoos and piercings, send photos and videos, they meet. They quickly begin to kiss and stimulate the lumps. Diego sucks his active partner’s cock, he really eats it all. and the asset returns the favor, sucking on her ass which is hairy and beautiful. Sucking his anus makes his cock grow huge and harder than wood. They put penises together, rub them against each other and masturbate them with great pleasure. When he sticks his penis in his tail, he takes it hard, pulls his legs up and fucks it like that, wide open. Then the bottom rides it, sitting on the cock and bouncing with pleasure. Finally they stand up and do it against the window, the bottom sticking out tail, holding on while receiving the huge piece from his sexual partner. The active ends up spilling his semen into the other’s eager mouth, who has a tongue piercing to receive that rain of white semen. Finally, the active man masturbates the bottom with his hand, putting fingers in to stimulate his tail until he finishes. Wow! Highly recommended casual sex. We continue next week with a fiery trio on “I follow you two”, a must see!


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