Jack Like An Athlete

Many of us were born with incredible cocks that, when pleasured, become erect, have orgasms, and can literally create life with an ejaculation. The pleasure leading up to an ejaculation is also life giving and energizing, as our cocks are actually engines for creating life force energy.

Unbelievably, we have not been given any instructions on how to maximize our pleasure and get the optimal performance out of these important organs. The physical and mind/body training that an athlete does to prepare for a sporting event is analogous to masturbation as preparation for partnered sex. That means, if you want your cock to perform optimally when you’re with a partner, you have to train it that way.

If you want to last longer than 5 minute in bed or cum from a variety of stimulation, you need to jack off longer and try different techniques. This video is a great place to start!




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