Local ScallyKing Gets God-like stunner loaded up

OK – so it’s 2021 and Manchester pride 2021
Aaron Bain AKA scallyKing (from Manchester) helped us around for our trip up there to gay pride
🏳️ 🌈(we’ve missed the prides – that’s where we meet all the hotties🔥)
Dirty fucker lived up to his name alright ! He knows all the scallys up there- they either film or do
jobs or just hang at weekends! U gotta see his fucking ‘collection of horny lads’
A lot of them don’t wanna be on film🎥
Alot of them are just in♥️with Aaron (and who wouldn’t be?)
Going threw his phone the next day, his got the perfect hot little twinky lad❤️
his young, absolutely beautiful and💯% gagging 4 it – he loves big dicks and guys coming up
his arse …..”ONLY” …🙀(his words not ours) lol
🟪this fucking STUNNING young scally had never done vids before and was SO desperate to
please- such a horny fuckka as well (wait till u see him)
This luke boys fit as- REALLY fuckable arse and had the perfect attitude❗️
🖍Ah – u gotta see this boys Cock man- over 9” inches🌶
Me and Arron shag this boy silly- I cum two times!

But the 1st is the biggest, fattest, load❄️you’ve ever seen!



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