Hot Leaky Lad Full of Pre Cum

Hot Leaky Lad Full of Pre Cum fucks me WET and RAW

I was chilling with Joshyy Boy, telling him about this LAD who has been teasing me for WEEKS! Cute fit lad with golden skin. Telling me how LEAKY his COCK is. 🚰 He knows it. I LOVE PRE-CUM.
Love that sticky drool 🤤 coming out of a nice hard cock. I thought he’d done his research 🔬 and was saying for effect and just telling me what I wanted to hear. CUZ we all know that shit drives me CRAZY. Josh convinced me I could be missing out, so I had to get him over, JUST INCASE 😉 it was all talk . It really wasn’t!

This is the moment I finally get to see what all the fuss is about and Josh was well up for filming it, although – I’ve heard PISS was his thing now, not pre-cum 😉

He WHIPS out his COCK and I go down to inspect it and sure enough his COCK is a HOT STICKY MESS OF SPUNK. That really turnt me on.
He wasn’t gonna leave without shoving that GOO straight up my ASS! ⬆️

He fucks me all over the bed and whilst he’s inside I feel my hole SQUELCHING, I lower my hand to inspect his thrusting COCK 🍆 and discover a pool of CUM splashing 💦 all around my ass and his cock.


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