2 Estate FIT-as-FUCK Desperate CHAVS

Two un-obtainabley HOT monogamous boyfriends loose control when getting nobs out 2 Film again…100% REAL i swear on my life im not making this up …. watch!
The bottom lad was really vocal 🎙- Loved being shagged & was absolutely loving being dicked when the BF was COMING❗️The sounds he makes are ‘thrilling’
I promise im not making this up!
No Bullshit – These Two hoodie -up boys are the Real Deal
British lads are just SO SO sexy – they have no clue how many people are staring at them thinking the same thing … two too look like
These two lads wanted to come over and get filmed 📽- but they had only been going out with each other for like 6 months📆 so they don’t have an open relationship or anything
They really did stress that !! And even asked “do I always get involved in every film”
(I didn’t release I did) LOL And so I was like 📢“oh no, nothing like that, u guys can crack on, I promise I won’t touch either of ya or nothing like that”
I was thinking they was worried about me coming on to them and im not like that so
BTW! (See, not a sex addict, just horny when I look at guys, any guys and any nob that can spunk)
❌Don’t be fooled by these two looking so cute – whilst they were really shy – u can 👀how sexual they are!
The bottom lad was So Rock HARD the whole time – I could tell he was thinking about being fucked by everyone secretly – and Mark the 🔝 guy was gagging 2 touch cock- REALLY sexy lads
The top lad – who’s Fucking beautiful is a TOP ONLY! Really hot
ITS SO HOT to watch them get so horny and slowly ‘hint’ in that direction
BUT I had already said to myself I wasn’t going to get involved N wasn’t expecting it
I was getting really worked-up and so I took my top off , cos I was hot (I know what your thinking, gen – I was hot)
The top lad Jack (i think thats his name) makes this comment about my body but I didn’t think anything of it
Then he asked if they could look at my dick later on

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