Fortnite Fan fucked all night

18yr, Cute Fortnite fan🕹- we met online gaming, was playing duos’s on Fortnite
and when we saw our gaming tag, which of course is HungYoungBrit, he sent us
some DM’s asking to meet! HAHAH – so NUTTS!!!
Im not going to lie, I thought this boy wouldn’t be ‘my cup of tea’🫖- he looks too
young and innocent (we got his ID btw) and looks like he wouldn’t have a clue what
to do in bed🛌HOW WRONG WAS I –
His name is Josh (real name btw – yet another Josh, we are on Josh no. 25 now)
and his sexual behaviour is FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS – Never met ANYONE who
was more gagging 4 it – his words to me was “I want as my cum shot up my arse
by you and your mates as you can give”

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