a Quick go on Danny

Giving Danny a quick spunk up is what we have been doing around here! His one
SEXY FUCKKER – never met anyone so sexual – all my mates fuck him regularly –
The doors almost of its hinges with the amount of lads ‘Doing Danny’ Drop
dead sexy Danny takes it up the arse from EVERYONE
FILMED late at night when we went back to our pals house in the city of
London we were parting downstairs, and that turned into a Afterparty form
being out in soho – late night – that lee was there (I think his names lee, don’t quote
me on that,
might be Michal) – Big dick, loves his twinks and loves it He buries his
tongue up our 18yr lads hole – Danny got these beautiful blond curtains
(hair cut) which makes him look so ’90’s boy band’ – REALLY attractive, looks
like a top model now
LOOK AT THIS …he push his rock hard dick right against Dannys back
and then you just see it ‘slip in’ – AARRR so so sexy Danny then sits down on
his 8inch cock and you see it go ALL THE WAY IN… its perfect, gr8 lighting n stuff
considering it was 2AM HAHA
My fav bit is when our mates got his legs in the air and Michal is fucking him and u
can see his spunky shaft go in and out of his hole
His on top of him holding the back of his neck and proper fucking him hard in the
arse which is what Danny – After force fucking his nob up him (with just spit)
His ready to blow it ….

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