WhatsApp Group guys invited 2 fuck 18yr Spunk bucket

My mate Scott is a complete sex addict and his got at the sleaziest lads on his 250+ list !
After ringing 📞him to sort out some cock for this cute lad
We get over a big group- about 5 turn up in total –
Remember these are REAL guys – BUT they are SO FUCKING SLEAZY😈
It turned into a Big Crazy Orgy – I end up coming in someone I shouldn’t HAHA
(he said he was a top and had a big dick but I shagged him anyway and he LOVED it
✔️NO RACE or Size refused
✔️NO Face Needed to be shown!
✔️Can join us for a LONG session
✔️Or Fuck N GO! The quicker you squirt your load in our arse the better
THIS BOY SAID TO ME “ The older the guys we can get 4 the next orgy the better cos
older guys ALWAY LEAVE THERE LOAS UP MY ARSE and they cum💦 so quick
Im not making this up…. This is what he said to me LOL – WE fucking 💚 this boy!!
📍WE R not joking – Message us 📩 and you can fuck him too-
Just send us a message and we will get back to you,
If you have messaged before & not got a reply then pls message again as I lost access to
that old login –
📭we genuinely will meet with you (yes we need to ask for ya ID N stuff but only cos u
gotta be older then 18, other then that there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT to film) the older
the better – (as long as ya can still get hard)
BTW- My 18yr Manchester mate hasn’t got a twitter otherwise I would tell you how you
can find him


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