Sportswear scally bad boy leaks pre-cum

The Heatwave across Europe has made us all seek water and they got a blow up
Jacuzzi on the roof
Dannys arranged a fuck coming over ! Apparently his quite
fit! OMG wait till you see him – SEXY -AS -FUCK!
His not the Surprise, OH WAIT 4 IT….. the surprise happens by 4th Str8
lad making music ! There that day❗
We R on the roof in the blow up Jacuzzi catching up with Danny and
having a few drinks when his boy messages him!
Very EAST 17 Look (if u know who they are) lol
Really proper fucking scally !! My absolute dream
This boys SO horny he starts jumping in the water in his white-pants right away
Then….we R all sort of kissing N stuff and ..…i kid u not…..
✏ This 4th boy just suddenly walks in and ask’s for a lighter
(the barbican is just like that, its a bit of a free-for-all)
Its so funny, we r u struggling to know how to handle the situation cos we
desperately wanted that lad
So Danny goes chase’s him up and drags him back !!
AND YES he gets in AND YES his also proper in the VID!
There all getting it on in the bedroom after drying
WOW ! The biggest pre cum leaker ive ever seen
That 4th lad gets his dick out and its ROCK SOILD !
Really big as well
Watching him fuck all that pre cum up Dannys arse makes me cum every
time man!!!
LOOK AT HIS BUM its absolutely covered in this sexy lads leaky dick juice
The other super Hoy scally lad is rimming Danny and the stupidly hot 4th lad (the
str8ish one) Strats fucking Danny on the edge of the bed and the whole time HE
IS SECRETLY edging cum into my mates arse
Such a hot guy! Have u noticed how hot the lads are we r getting these days- its



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