Enormous 19yo Ukrainian with colossal cock

Finding The Worlds Most PerfectDick’
He insisted on a Condomless-Fuck as well AAAARRRRRR LOVE THIS BOY
His dick is absolutely Gigantic – extremely sizeable over 10 inch when full hard
Super extended version – he was fucking me all day it was that crazy – our vid is so
long its in 2 bits with never a dull moment❗️
He was fucking me 4 so long I wanted to show ya all how I could take it (or not
take it HAHA)
By far one of the cheekiest little smiles on his face SO SO CUTE
The Magic!
OH MY GOD – there was a spark right there – I wasn’t just imagining that- you
can totally see theres something between this fit fucker and me – I think his
really into me and IT REALLY SHOWS….
**This tape is SO SO HOT – I know I say that about all the videos but this one really
Over 20 times ive counted that he fucks me in different positions and josh (as in
little josh my brother ) was there to film it all for us (he had a little suck too)
SHIT -This video is so well lit and so well shot by joshy- I LOVE the close ups of
his pre cum soaked dick being pushed into my bum RAW – its amazing watching it back – countless wanks obviously !


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