The Scally vs The Chav

Dannys arranged a fuck coming over ! Apparently his quite fit!
OMG wait till you see him – SEXY -AS -FUCK!
His not the Surprise, OH WAIT 4 IT….. the surprise happens by 4th St8 lad making
music! THE BEST LOOKING authentic CHAV I have EVER SEEN
And in the last video he was HE IS SECRETLYedging cum into my mates
Then… that right FIT 4th stunning st8 chav lad – takes the boy I just came up and
starts fucking him with my cum! ITS INSANE ‼️ So fucking hot
you can see all my cum being pushed out of his arsehole as the st8 chav lad
push’s his dick in each time
19yr Danny blows his huge fucking LOAD into the mouth of the East 17 lad
Whist the lovely lad is fucking him – his ️️fucking him and he also suddenly
pulls out and RUSH’s and HUGE amount of spunk over and in that boys arse
This lad has the most amazing smile – we are calling him smiles xx
This is a PROPER HOT 4 sum – completely unexpected 4th lad joins in!
** Update **
Danny is now living in the barbican at Scotts – we have all become Family
Im so lucky to have met you Danny – your really so FIT and I love the fact your life
is so inter- linked with mine- like all my friends are now he is friends etc

This video is completely unexpected and absolutely Chavtasitc


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