Jimy Fix & Max Lacoste

On a sunny, summer afternoon, Max looks out the window of his family’s farm house estate. He sees Jimy, a sweaty laborer, taking care of some of the plants along the edge. Jimy is sweaty, handsome, and young… just what Max needs. The horny young man can see the worker is in need of a break.

Strutting out in just a jockstrap, Max presents himself to the hardworking Jimy. Max’s presence is a welcome distraction and Jimy has no problem pulling out his dick for the hungry house boy. Max drops to his knees, getting right to work with the same dedication that Jimy tends the land, beginning to service the tanned young man’s meat.

Far from the view of any others, Max swallows Jimy’s cock, taking it down to the base where he can smell the musky fragrance of the sweaty crotch. He smells like a man should, woody and dense, with nuts full of seed that need to be spread!

As the sun beats down on them, they’re full of vitality and vigor, eager to work up a sweat. Max leans up against a stone wall, giving Jimy a look at his tight, inviting hole. Jimy’s massive uncut cock can barely fit inside, but Max patiently and obediently braces himself in place as the horny farmer pries himself inside.

Jimy works Max’s hole as hard and deep as he works his family’s land, making sure to plow his manhood into Max’s gut. He takes some satisfaction in knowing he’s fucking the owner’s son, but more than anything, he’s interested in blasting out a well earned load!


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