Fuji Called Kaito

It’s the absolute definition of a “booty call” when Fuji phones up Kaito, saying he’s looking for someone free to have some fun tonight. Kaito rushes over, glad for the chance to hook up with Japanboyz’ superstar model. When he politely inquires how Fuji is doing, Fuji answers “If you want to know, take off your clothes. Let’s fuck!” Slim, boyish Kaito doffs his duds and both Asian horndogs are naked on the bed in a flash. Fuji moves down from nibbling Kaito’s nips to licking his long uncut cock. Kaito’s dick is so stiff it points toward the heavens. He gets his mouth around Fuji’s trophy cock and starts sucking.

Fuji moves on to the main event, lubing Kaito’s sweet young ass with some deep tongue action. He slides in a couple of slick fingers to Kaito’s moaning delight, then eases his dick in smoothly. Juicy lube oozes down Kaito’s wide-open crack. Squatting over Fuji’s crotch, Kaito grinds down onto his hard dick and gets the pneumatic drill power fuck Fuji’s famous for. The veteran stud offers a reacharound and starts stroking Kaito’s woody. The horny young stud wraps his legs around Fuji’s slim waist as he drills in from above. Eyes closed and head tossing from side to side, Kaito can barely stand the intense sensation. Fuji pulls out and immediately squirts his splatter onto Kaito’s smooth tummy. Kaito milks his own creamy load out with just a few slick strokes.


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