Fucking the Working Boy

Our new Japanboyz find is Kippei, a 25-year old working man who built his lean muscular physique with hard physical labor. With perfect white teeth, big dark eyes and a thick Beatles mop of hair, he’s strikingly attractive and a prime target for the other Japanboyz to hook up with. With just one boyfriend and no fuck buddies he’ll admit to, he’s gay and into modeling for the fun. He has sex a lot, and is a versatile bottom. With that sweet ass that’s hungry for cock and ready to fuck, let’s get this show on the road, Kippei!

Ever-horny and dependable, Akira gets the chance to be Kippei’s first buddy on Japanboyz. Arms wrapped tight around each other, they lock in a passionate kiss. Kippei’s not so monogamous after all. He’s first to clasp a hand around Akira’s bulging crotch, then gets on his knees to swallow that big thick cock. They lie down and slurp each others’ cocks in a hot 69. Kippei’s legs pop up for Akira’s lubed fingers to probe his tight hole, and he moans for more. Akira slides his slick bareback cock into Kippei’s hot hole and begins pumping. Kippei wraps his ankles behind Akira’s back and pulls him in. When Akira lies on the bed Kippei climbs on and groans as he bounces on that stiff tool. Finally Kippei gets on hands and knees and pushes his smooth muscular booty back into Akira’s hard strokes. Kippei needs a break and beats Akira’s big fuckpole till it sprays a juicy load. He sits up against the headboard as Akira returns the favor and coaxes out his creamy sperm splatter. You bet we’ll see more of hot young working boy Kippei real soon!


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