Taping Up Ryo

Edgy kinkster Yusaku is set to hook up with fledgling Japanboy Ryo, and wants to mark this fuck with something special. Brandishing a length of shiny orange PVC tape like a new toy, he decides it’s time to gift wrap the hot little body before him as decoration, and as a sign of ownership of all the sexual fun Ryo can provide him. Agreeable Ryo’s up for it, and in a flash he’s taped up around the ribs and chest like a harness, the waist like a wide belt, the thighs like boxer brief hems, and the biceps and forearms like a young gladiator. Good plan Yusaku–Ryo looks like a hot young pleasure robot now. Perfect for a sexy bottom who wants to please.

With Ryo’s cock standing up proudly, Yusaku goes to work pleasuring all the petite stud’s erogenous zones, from nips to cock to hungry butthole. Primed for XXX action, Ryo makes sure to get in a bit of cocksucking for himself. But when he lies back holding his legs bent and spread wide open, he’s reporting for bottom boy duty. Yusaku’s massive pierced cock is stiff and ready to plow in raw, with just a few squirts of lube to smooth out the ride. He opens Ryo’s hole with a pair of slick fingers, slides his dick in to the root. A wicked little smile crosses Yusaku’s handsome face as he takes a look at the taped up fuckbud beneath him. He thrusts in with a purpose. He mounts and fills Ryo’s fuckhungry hole from every direction and position till the young bottom can take no more. Yusaku pulls out to let his cum rocket out in a thick splash. Giving Ryo’s nips a litle pinch, he pushes his new sex toy boy over the edge into his own creamy explosion. Scraping up a pearl of sticky cum he licks it up and savors the flavors.


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