Tom Bentley & Jack Bailey BAREBACK

Tom Bentley is a seriously sexy, pint-sized twink. He is thrilled to be able to meet up with Jack Bailey, a cute, flame-haired boy with a killer smile and a smooth, lean body. Rock hard and eager to play, the cameras turn on and the boys know exactly what to do.

The guys strip naked. Tom may be small in height, but his dick is huge. He relaxes as Jack shuffles down the bed to take his bulging meat in his mouth. Tom grits his teeth and grabs the back of Jack’s head, forcing him down onto his donkey dick until the red-haired boy starts to choke.

Jack kneels on the bed. Tom enthusiastically eats and fingers his ass, getting it wet and ready for a good, hard pounding. Jack’s eyes roll back in his head in pure ecstasy. He wants Tom’s dick and he wants it now!

Jack kneels expectantly on the bed as Tom slides his raw, thick, veiny meat into him. Jack is suddenly in pure heaven. He gasps and groans as Tom pounds him into absolute oblivion.

Tom knows exactly what to do with his massive tool. He squats behind Jack, engaging his thigh muscles so he can get deeper and harder into his sexy prey.

A change in position finds Tom on his back with Jack squatting over him, facing the ceiling. Jack rides Tom’s dick like a champion jockey, his own rock hard dick bouncing up and down as his ass is mercilessly skewered.

Tom pushes Jack onto his back and stands by the side of the bed, banging him with increasing aggression as he builds towards climax.

Tom can’t hold it any longer and pulls Jack across the bed like a rag doll as he squirts a giant load deep inside him.


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