Jax Thirio & Jesse Bolton BAREBACK

Jax and Jesse hook up in an Atlanta hotel room and get to know each other in the best possible way. Jax is the older and more dominant of the pair. He’s blessed with an almost perfect body – lean, tanned and ripped – and his huge dick can’t wait to burst out of his electric blue jockstrap. Cute twink, Jesse, has pale, smooth skin, blond curly hair and a killer smile.

They lock lips and bodies on the bed. Jax takes control, seducing the younger lad with kisses which oscillate between sensual and slutty.

Jesse shuffles down the bed and gets his soft lips wrapped firmly around Jax’ meat. This young guy is desperate to please the older man, and from the look on Jax’ face, it’s clear he’s succeeding!

Jax lies on his back and gets his long tongue lodged deep inside Jesse’s tight hole. Jesse’s entire body instantly begins to quiver with horny anticipation.

Jax pushes Jesse down onto the bed and sinks his rock hard 9-incher into the boy’s round, peachy ass. Jax smiles wickedly to himself as Jesse whimpers helplessly. This is already one hell of a ride, and as Jax picks up pace, the boy is sent into spasms of uncontrollable ecstasy.

Jax pulls the boy’s hands behind his back and starts to thrust forcefully, his muscular torso now glistening with horned-up sweat.

Jesse is soon on his back with Jax between his legs, the older man’s pelvis slapping and slamming noisily against the boy’s ass cheeks. Jesse enters a trance-like state, seemingly incapable of doing anything but murmuring “yes daddy” under his breath.

Jax keeps up the pace, eventually reaching a mind-blowing climax. Jax blasts his sticky load deep into the boy’s ass. He pulls his cock out and a beautiful cascade of creamy cum immediately follows suit.


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