Bobby Hall + Finn Harper

It’s undoubtedly one of the hottest hook ups to ever be caught on video here at Jawked and as soon as it begins we know we’re in for a horny treat.

Gorgeous boy Finn Harper is texting sexy messages with hunky Bobby Hall, their dicks swelling in their pants and their balls filling with cum. As soon as the young athletic boy arrives to find the studly muscle lad laying on the couch the two are eager to explore each other and have some fun.

With a little making out those t-shirts are removed to display their awesome physiques, athlete against jock boy. Finn can’t wait to get a taste of the handsome young man’s meat and Bobby’s rigid cock is waiting for his greedy mouth the moment it’s freed from his pants.

Finn sucks and slurps the delicious dong before revealing his own uncut dick and giving it some wanks, his inches rigid and thick by the time Bobby gets his lips around it.

He knows how to return the favor and make young Finn’s erection drool with delight, but it’s the bareback buggering the bigger boy delivers to that snug little ass that has Finn moaning.

The boy’s hole is stretched and filled in, his own cock stiff and swinging while he rides his hook up and then lays back to take some final thrusts from the more muscled boy.

Gorgeous Finn has to take his time, but even though he tries to hold back his dick spurts hot milky cream over his stomach, soon doubled by Bobby’s unloading boner adding to the goopy mess.

It’s not quite over yet. Finn is so horny he has more cum to pump, frantically wanking off with Bobby’s load and his own fresh sperm until his erection is splashing a second helping of juicy goo.

It might have been one random afternoon hook up but I think we all know they’ll be seeing each other again.

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