Maxim Bikhov + Theodore Wright

Sexy Theodore Wright pretends to be a dedicated student unable to be distracted from his books in this Jawked video, but when buff bro Maxim Bikhov arrives in his bedroom with a very obvious, very rigid cock bulge in his pants it’s not hard to entice the young man into taking a break.

Theodore perhaps understands that it’s not healthy to be reading non-stop so now that he’s got such a very obvious offer to relax he’s soon on the bed and making out with beefy boy Maxim.

As soon as that stiff muscle jock penis is revealed from Maxim’s pants Theodore is on it. The lean shirtless boy has skills when it comes to sucking a delicious dick and he takes his time to worship the warm meat with his wet mouth.

Maybe muscle boy Maxim wasn’t planning on such a horny afternoon treat but now his dick has been slurped he can’t wait to get his own mouth around the thicker dong young Theodore has for him to taste. His big baggy balls get some licking and sucking along with his glistening erection and with both clearly desperate for more Maxim takes aim at his bro’s hole.

His raw inches ease right inside the warm tunnel, fucking Theodore’s ass from behind and giving the studious boy a ride on his muscle meat before getting his bottom boy on his back for a thorough humping.

Maxim’s balls swing and bounce while he delivers the kind of lesson young Theodore really needs.

The jock’s cum-launching climax leaves the boy decorated with cream, from his shoulder to his hard and thick boner being rubbed in his hands, finally making the lad wank out his own hot milky mess to add to the gooey release.

He won’t be graded on this test, but we know Maxim would give him an A+.

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