Tommy Gold

I probably don’t need to tell you how horny guys can get when they’re enjoying a good work out and getting that testosterone pumping. Handsome and sporty boy Tommy Gold proves it in his solo Jawked session, getting his blood pumping and enjoying his dick swelling up in his sexy shorts.

The young man frees his length from the leg of his shorts to play with it a little, his big balls hanging heavy while he starts to masturbate.

He’s the kind of young man you might catch in the showers at the gym, rubbing his urgent cock and building himself up to a good gooey cum load.

On this occasion he doesn’t even get to the end of his workout before he’s naked, his hard penis is being pleasured, taking his time to continue his training, rewarding himself with more cock play along the way.

He’s an obvious show off, he likes having guys admiring his fine physique and his urgent dick. When he finally gives up his training to focus on his bouncing boner he delivers a good long wank for himself, swinging his cock around, playing with his balls, toying with his damp tip and savoring the pleasure.

With hot white jock cum pumping from his helmet and splashing over his smooth abdomen and thigh he’s finally relieved and can bring his workout to an appropriate end, but we all know he’s likely to be wanking out another hot mess in the shower.



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