Finn Harper + Simon Best

Fit and sporty young guys Simon Best and Finn Harper are so active, their testosterone is always spiking and their dicks are always loaded and ready to play. It’s no wonder Simon is so eager to give his footballer buddy Finn a bit of a rub down in this Jawked video, but of course it doesn’t end there.

Within moments of him giving Finn’s footballer thighs a little rubbing the boy’s desperate cock is hard in his shorts and he makes no secret about it.

Simon is the kind of sporty pal who’s more than willing to help out in any way he can so in seconds he’s investigating the hard shaft of penis and revealing it from those sexy shorts, giving it some delicious sucks and frantic wanks.

It seems Finn didn’t shoot a load in the shower with his teammates like he usually does, but Simon is happy about it. He feasts on that leaking cock and the moment his own pink boner is revealed from his jeans Finn is ready to suck him with equal vigor.

We don’t know how well Finn played during the game but he’s soon racking up points when he slips his bareback cock into Simon’s open goal, fucking the young jock from behind, giving him a ride on his rampant tool and delving even deeper with the lad on his back.

Simon is soon enjoying some post game celebrations, with his semen splashing over his hot body and a milky mess of footballer cum spilling from Finn’s turgid tool to finish.


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